About Trinity Recyclers

Trinity Recyclers is an Electronic Recycling company located in Laguna Niguel, Orange County. We have been recycling our community’s electronic equipments and gadgets in Orange County for the past 15 years. Trinity Recyclers was founded out of severe concern of the alarming amount of e-waste disposed daily. Millions of computers, monitors, televisions and other electronic items are discarded across the world yearly. All of the e-waste that we collect is dismantled in house and sorted out to the appropriate facilities for processing. By reducing and separating electronic equipment back to its original materials Trinity Recyclers ensures that post-consumer electronic products are efficiently and economically recycled. We make sure that your e-waste does not end up in landfills or shipped off to developing countries.

The use of electronic products has grown substantially over the past two decades; it is very important that we do our share and become environmentally responsible. It is estimated that in the US about 50 million computers a year become obsolete, many left in landfills where, scientists fear the metallic parts may poison the environment. Trinity Recyclers takes pride in our complete e-waste recycling solution. We recycle all types of e-waste in an ethical, transparent and socially responsible manner. We firmly believe that our service assists the concerned public in making a personal contribution to the environment.

It is vital that we safely reuse and recycle all of our e-waste. Recycling electronics helps reduce pollution that would be generated while manufacturing a new product and the need to extract valuable and limited virgin resources. It also reduces the energy used in new product manufacturing. Trinity Recyclers offers an efficient recycling service for safe reuse and safe recycling of all electronic waste. Trinity Recyclers achieves the highest environmental outcome by manually dismantling all e-waste items into individual materials and components. As more and more e-waste fills up your garage take action and call Trinity Recyclers. Protect the environment and your children’s health by choosing Trinity Recyclers to recycle all your e-waste.