What Is Electronic Waste

Wikipedia describes Electronic Waste as any electrical or electronic devices that are loosely discarded, surplus, obsolete, or broken. We at Trinity Recyclers describe eWaste as any items that you can plug into the wall or that takes batteries to include those loose cables and batteries. The correct disposal of eWaste is of vital importance to being able to achieve a sustainable future.

People in the United States own an estimated 2 billion pieces of electronic equipment -- about 25 items per household. Electronic waste also known as eWaste includes all secondary computers, entertainment device electronics, mobile phones, and other items such as television sets and refrigerators, no longer in use by their original owners. Most of these electronic equipments contain toxic substances such as lead, cadmium and mercury which pose a risk to human health and the environment. When you e-recycle you are helping to protect the environment. E-recycle is a system whereby electronic items can be properly discarded and recycled without posing a threat to the environment.